Calculus for Business with application( MATH 1260 )

Spring 2009

UH 3800, 8:00 - 9:15 TR

Instructor:   Dr. Seongchun (Michelle) Kwon
Office:   University Hall 2030C
Office hours:   1:30 ~ 2:30 and 3:30 ~ 4:30 on Monday, 3:00 ~ 5:00 on Thursday and 1:00 ~ 2:00 on Friday, or by appointment

Text:    Finite Mathematics and Calculus with Applications (a special edition published for the University of Toledo)
            by M.L.Lial, R.N.Greenwell, and N.P.Ritchey,   Publisher: Addison Wesley and Pearson Custom Publishing,2008

Materials covered:    Mathematics of Finance, Linear Functions, Nonlinear Functions, The Derivative, Calculating the Derivative

Final Exam: 8:00-10:00, May 5(Tuesday)  

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                                         Progress, Problems and Solutions

    Date Progress Problems,Solutions
    Jan 13(T) Introduction Diagnostic Test
    Jan 15(Th) R.1. Polynomials, R.2. Factoring
    Jan 20(T) R.2. Factoring, R.3. Rational Expressions Group Quiz
    Jan 22(Th) R.4. Equations, R.5. Inequalities Closedbook Quiz
    Jan 27(T) R.5. Inequalities, R.6. Exponents Group Quiz
    Jan 29(Th) R.7. Radicals, 1.1. Simple and Compound Interest Closedbook Quiz
    Feb 3(T) 1.1. Simple and Compound Interest, 1.2. Future Value and an Annuity Group Quiz
    Feb 5(Th) 1.2. Future Value and an Annuity Closedbook Quiz
    Feb 10(T) 1.2. Future Value and an Annuity, Review for the exam Group Quiz: 2,4, 10, 38, 42 in sec.1.2.
    Feb 12(Th) Exam 1( Chapter R ~ Chapter 1.2.): You may turn in Suggested Problems for 5 extra points. As I said, I will not curve at the end. However, there is a possibility to increase the extra credits from suggested problems, depending on the exam results. Do not copy the answers in the back of the text. You will not be able to get extra credits. Best Solution: Julianne
    Feb 17(T) 2.1. Slopes and Equations of Lines Mini-Make-Up Exam
    Feb 19(Th) 2.1. Slopes and Equations of Lines Group Quiz: 2, 16, 20, 26, 62 (a), (b)
    Feb 24(T) 2.1. Slopes and Equations of Lines, 2.2. Linear Functions and Applications Closedbook Quiz
    Feb 26(Th) 2.2. Linear Functions and Applications, 3.1. Properties of Functions Group Quiz: 2, 20, 30b, 32, 36 in sec. 2.2.
    Mar 3(T) 3.1. Properties of Functions, 3.2. Quadratics Functions Closedbook Quiz
    Mar 5(Th) 3.2. Quadratics Functions Group Quiz: 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 48 in sec.3.2.
    Mar 17(T) 3.3. Polynomial and Rational Functions
    Mar 19(Th) 3.3. Polynomial and Rational Functions, 3.4. Exponential Functions Closedbook Quiz
    Mar 24(T) 3.5. Logarithmic Functions Group Quiz from 3.3.: For 22, 24, 26; Decide whether the graph is the graph of even or odd degree polynomial , and whether the leading coefficient is positive or negative. For 34, 38: Find the horizontal-, vertical-asymptote, x-, y-intercept. Graph the function.
    Mar 26(Th) 3.5. Logarithmic Functions, 3.6. Applications
    Mar 31(T) 3.6. Applications, Review for the exam Group Quiz: 8, 14, 68 a in sec. 3.5.; 22 in sec. 3.6.
    Apr 2(Th) Exam 2( Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 )

    Exam Preparation Tips: You need to start with the lecture note. And then, solve the problems.

    Formulas to be remembered: Linear cost function, p69 and the definitions above Example 6 in p70. Of course, you need to remember all other elementary formulas including the exponential and logarithmic functions.

    Review Problems: 1, 13, 19, 29, 31, 63 a, b in sec. 2.1.; 1, 7, 31, 36 in sec. 2.2.; focus on the lecture note for sec. 3.1.; focuse on the lecture note and the quizzes for sec. 3.2.; 21, 23, 24, 25, 33 in sec. 3.3.; 13, 17, 33 in sec. 3.4.; Example 4a, b in the text, Excercise 5, 17, 67 in sec. 3.5.; focus on the lecture note and solve excercise 21 in sec. 3.6.

    Best Solution: Samantha (6 b: domain is all real numbers because there is an output y=9 for any input)
    Apr 7(T) 4.1. Limits Group Quiz: 2, 6, 10, 22 in sec. 4.1.
    Apr 9(Th) 4.1. Limits, 4.2. Continuity Mini-Make-Up Exam
    Apr 14(T) 4.3. Rates of Change, 4.4. Definition of the Derivative
    Apr 16(Th) 5.1. Techniques for Finding Derivatives, 5.2. Derivatives of Products and Quotients Quiz (Please, turn this in on April 21(Tuesday))
    Apr21(T) 5.2. Derivatives of Products and Quotients, 5.3. The Chain Rule
    Apr 23(Th) 5.3. The Chain Rule, 5.4.and 5.5.Derivatives of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Quiz
    Apr 30(Th) Review for the Final
    May 5(T) Final Exam